Digital Radiography Imaging

At Griffin Avian and Exotic Veterinary Hospital, we know that your avians and exotic pets are not just animals; they’re family members. We are dedicated to providing digital radiography imaging services tailored to their distinctive needs.

a white crane standing in water

Unparalleled Radiographic Imaging for Avians and Exotic Pets

We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide safe and accurate radiographs that help us understand your pet’s unique needs. The complex biology of exotics sometimes conceals underlying health issues that only advanced radiographic imaging can unveil.

At Griffin Avian and Exotic Veterinary Hospital, we’re proud to offer advanced radiographic imaging services designed exclusively for avian and exotic pets.

Seeing Beyond the Surface

Radiographic imaging is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that allows our skilled veterinarians to see beyond the surface into the intricate anatomy of your avian or exotic pet. It’s a crucial part of our commitment to their health and happiness. Here’s why radiographic imaging is so important:

Early Detection: Avian and exotic pets are experts at hiding signs of illness. Radiographic imaging enables us to detect diseases and issues in their early stages, improving the chances of successful treatment.

Precision Diagnosis: It provides our veterinarians with detailed, high-resolution images, ensuring precise diagnosis and treatment planning.

Tailored Care: With accurate insights from radiographic imaging, we can create customized treatment plans to address your pet’s unique health needs.

Peace of Mind: As a pet parent, you deserve peace of mind, knowing you’ve done everything possible to ensure your companion’s health and happiness.