Endoscopic Examinations

At Griffin Avian and Exotic Veterinary Hospital, we value your deep connection with avian and exotic pets. We’re dedicated to their well-being through specialized endoscopic examinations. Discover why these exams are crucial.

corn snake

Advanced Endoscopic Examinations

Endoscopic examinations are a non-invasive diagnostic technique vital for evaluating the well-being of avian and exotic pets. Employing a petite endoscope with a built-in camera, our proficient veterinarians delicately insert it into your pet’s body, providing an intricate view of internal systems, including the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. This advanced procedure empowers our skilled team to uncover potential health concerns without invasive surgery. We prioritize the health and comfort of your unique pets, making endoscopy a cornerstone of our commitment to their well-being.

Avians (Parrots, Canaries, Finches, and Others)

Respiratory Health: Avian pets are prone to respiratory issues, and endoscopy can help detect and treat conditions like air sacculitis or tracheal diseases.

Gastrointestinal Concerns: Endoscopy allows us to identify problems in the digestive tract, such as foreign objects or tumors, which can be life-threatening if left untreated.

Exotic Pets (Small Mammals, Snakes and Lizards)

Digestive Disorders: Many exotic pets are susceptible to gastrointestinal problems, and endoscopy is a non-invasive way to diagnose and treat conditions like gastric stasis or foreign body ingestion.

Respiratory Issues: For animals like ferrets and rabbits, endoscopy can help pinpoint respiratory diseases or obstructions.