Pet Vaccinations

At Griffin Avian and Exotic Veterinary Hospital, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional care and advanced vaccinations, ensuring the well-being and longevity of your beloved companions.


Advanced Vaccinations for Distinctive Pets

Opting to vaccinate your pets isn’t merely a health precaution; it’s a profound commitment to safeguarding the joy and companionship they infuse into your life.

Preserving their health through vaccinations ensures that the irreplaceable bond you share continues flourishing, allowing you to create lasting memories and bask in the unique connection only avian and exotic pets can provide.

Ferret Distemper and Rabies Vaccinations

A distemper and rabies vaccine are recommenced for both these life threatening diseases. Rabies vaccines are required by law in the state of NC for domestic ferrets. These vaccinations are crucial to their well-being, protecting against diseases that could otherwise threaten their health.

Some ferrets will have a reaction to a vaccine, and we do monitor all our vaccine appointments approximately 30 minutes after to watch for any immediate symptoms.

Polyomavirus Vaccination for Birds

For our feathered friends, particularly exotic birds, the polyomavirus can pose a significant threat. Our avian experts understand the unique needs of your parrot companion. The polyomavirus vaccination we offer is a key preventive measure, shielding your avian companions from this potentially fatal disease.

RHDV2 Vaccine for Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease

Our commitment to comprehensive care also provides the RHDV2 vaccine, a crucial shield against rabbit hemorrhagic disease. Griffin Exotics offers the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 (RHDV2) vaccine. The state of North Carolina has granted an emergency use for the MedGene RHDV2 vaccine to help prevent RHDV2, and our office will be providing this vaccine as a service to our current clients and rabbits patients that are up to date with their wellness exams.