Wellness & Preventative Care

At Griffin Avian and Exotic Veterinary Hospital, we understand that your exotic companions are not just pets; they’re family. We aim to provide comprehensive wellness and preventative care for avians, small mammals, and reptiles, ensuring they lead healthy and happy lives.

a couple of birds flying in the air

Exceptional Wellness and Preventative Care

Located in Kannapolis, NC our hospital provides dedicated and personal care for the unique needs of your exotic pets We recognize that avians, small mammals, and reptiles demand specialized attention, and our expert team is committed to addressing their distinct requirements.

From parrots that brighten your day with their vibrant plumage to the gentle chinchilla that warms your heart, we are here to ensure that each member of your exotic family receives the individualized care they deserve. Griffin Avian and Exotic Veterinary Hospital is your trusted partner in promoting the well-being of these extraordinary beings.

Avian Wellness and Preventative Care

For Your Feathered Friends: Our experienced teams specialize in avian care, catering to parrots of all sizes and passerines such as canaries and finches. We also examine and treat poultry and waterfowl. We offer various services to keep your Avian companions in the best health.

Avian Preventative Medicine: Early detection is key. Regular check-ups and nutritional guidance are just a few ways we help prevent common avian ailments and ensure your bird’s longevity.

Tailored Avian Nutrition: We understand the importance of a balanced diet for avian health. Our experts provide dietary recommendations to suit the specific needs of your feathered friend.

Small Mammal and Reptile Wellness and Preventative Care

Small Mammals: From rabbits and ferrets to guinea pigs, chinchillas, and more, we care for all your small mammal companions. Regular check-ups, dental care, and specialized treatments are available to keep them happy and healthy.

Reptile Care: Our hospital provides expert care for non-venomous snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, salamanders, frogs, toads, and newts. We offer guidance on habitat setup, dietary requirements, and health maintenance.

Comprehensive Exotic Pet Preventative Care: Preventative care is the cornerstone of a long and fulfilling life for exotic pets. Our team tailors preventative care plans to your pet’s unique needs.